What is CrossFit All About?

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” Functional movements are universal motor recruitment patterns; they are performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity; and they are compound movements—i.e., they are multi-joint. They are natural, effective, and efficient locomotors of body and external objects. But no aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly.
Fran: 2:37
Pullups: 40
500m Row: 1:32
Grace: 3:04
Isabel: 2:51
Dbl Unders: 100
BackSquat: 455
Front Squat: 350
Overhead Squat: 250
DeadLift: 450
Shoulder Press: 205
Power Snatch: 205
Push Jerk: 300
Power Clean and Jerk: 265
Bench: 315
Crossfit Total: 1110

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wednesday June 24th "Olympic Bar Mile"

Do ALL running and reps with 45lb bar

Run 400 m
50 back squats
50 front squats
50 overhead squats

run 400 m
50 shoulder press
50 push press
50 push jerk

run 400 m
50 power hang cleans
50 power hang clean snatches

run 400 m

29: 18

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